"Heima er best - i Hvergilandi" is a webdocumentary which tells some different stories about people who live in Iceland. It's about people who live far away from villages and cities, secluded in the Icelandic nature. Did they make a conscious decision to live far away from everything or did destiny decide for them? What do they do with their time? How do they live? What does the future hold for them?

What are the stories behind these people who live in lonely places in Iceland?

"Heima er best" aims to be a touching webdocumentary portraying some really impressive individuals providing us a glimpse into their world. The people present a snapshot of their lives. So when you go to Iceland you will meet the people as they are in the film. The intention is to film and interview the people as they go about their everyday lives. It should be authentic piece far away from a sparkling and superficial community and world.
The name of the Film "Heima er best - i Hvergilandi" means something like home sweet home- into the no man's land. In Iceland it is really common to use the phrase as a door plate. During the filming I discovered these people are really positively connected with their home and the place they live and so ... Heima er best.

This webdocumentary is being produced for my BA at the University of Arts in Zurich and is Co sponsored by Island pro Travel
Heima er best
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Michael Niggeler